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E-Series E2800 controller management failures due to loss of internal ethernet communication link

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Applies to

  • NetApp E-Series
  • NetApp StorageGRID
  • Platforms:
    • E-Series standalone E2800  controller in various drive enclosures (DE212c, DE224c and DE460c)
    • StorageGRID SG6060 appliance


  • Multiple functions in SANtricity System Manager are failing or missing some data.
    • SANtricity firmware upgrades (both controller and disk):
      • Inter-controller interfaces link failure. One or more inter-controller interfaces have link down. You cannot upgrade the storage array until the problem is resolved. Use the Recovery Guru to fix the problem. 
    • Volume configuration changes (Create, expansions, delete, etc.)
    • Unknown status for management certificate of partner controller under Settings > Certificates
    • Unable to view performance dashboard statistics
  • There may be different error messages seen depending on (1) the management request type, and (2) the management method (SANtricity System Manager "SAM", Unified Manager, CLI)
    • In SANtricity System Manager (SAM): The controller in slot 1, with an id of '070000000000000000000001', could not be contacted. (Web server 422)
    • In SANtricity System Manager (SAM): The controller in slot 2, with an id of '070000000000000000000002', could not be contacted. (Web server 422)
    • In SANtricity Enterprise Management Window: There was an error during the download operation. View the Online Help for information about diganosing and resolving errors. Click on the View Log button to look for the error
    • "Unknown" management certificate for the partner controller in SAM under Settings -> Certificates
    • During SANtricity firmware upgrade: Cannot Perform Upgrade Operation - An unknown issue occurred while performing the upgrade operation. Please try again.
  • AutoSupport or manually generated support data will be missing data from the alternate controller. It will contain complete information for the controller from which the data was captured. Some of the expected missing data will be:
    • dom0-daily-diagnostics-%.7z
    • dom0-complete-journal-%.7z
    • web-server-trace-log-%.7z
    • Empty perf-stats-xx-summary-%.csv with error: devmgr.versioned.sam.jal.ManagementOperationFailedException: Error 10007 - Could not communicate with the controller in bay A to complete this request.
  • On systems running 11.70.4 or newer OS, the following event is logged in Major Event Log:  Link issues have been encountered on an alternate controller Ethernet channel


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