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How to add SolidFire node to a cluster without Jumbo frames?

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Applies to

  • NetApp Element software
  • NetApp HCI
  • NetApp H410S


  • Follow the normal SolidFire cluster expansion process
  • Set MTU 1500 during node network configuration step 5

Additional Information

Node addition process (Without using NDE Scaler):
  1. Install a new node and drives in the chassis
    See Install H-series hardware
  2. Cable the node, connect monitor/keyboard
  3. Power on the node and configure BMC (IPMI) network settings
  4. The node will boot into TUI menu. The next steps can be done via remote IPMI console (if BMC network was configured)
  5. Configure management and storage interfaces, hostname and enter storage cluster name (case sensitive). Set MTU to 1500
  6. Add the new node to the cluster: Cluster web GUI > Cluster > Nodes > Available > Actions (For the regarding node, Gear Icon on the right side) > Add
  7. Once the new node is Active (GUI > Cluster > Nodes), add available drives to the cluster
    Please add the block drives first, and when sync is finished, add the remaining metadata drive (Slot 0)
    See How to add or remove drives from a cluster on Element
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