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How to replace a faulty hard disk drive on AltaVault

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  • AltaVault
  • AVA400
  • AVA800


This article describes the procedure that should be followed to replace a faulty hard disk drive on an AltaVault AVA-400, or AVA-800 appliance.
Note: Wait until you have the replacement on-hand before pulling a failed disk. The replacement needs to be inserted quickly to avoid disrupting the airflow and causing isolated thermal hotspots.
AVA-400 4 TB disks
X320A-R6 NetApp part number for FRU replacements
108-00415 NetApp part number for disks shipped with preexisting RAID configurations (add-on 12 pack and used to manufacture root VD)
AVA-800 6 TB disks
108-00442/X321A-R6 NetApp part number for FRU replacements
108-00419 NetApp part number for disks shipped with preexisting RAID configurations (add-on 12 pack X320A-12-R6 and used to manufacture root VD)
Constant Data Integrity Check
    To minimize the time necessary to rebuild the RAID array, stop the Constant Data Integrity Check (Reports › Diagnostics › Constant Data Integrity Check).
    On the latest versions, Choose Maintenance > Online File System Check
    This is a low priority process that scavanges disk i/o to perform md5 checksums of data on the local disks and can starve the RAID rebuild operation of disk i/o.
Replacing multiple disks
    If multiple disks have failed, replace the lowest numbered disk first and let it finish rebuilding before proceeding to the replace the next disk.
  • Using the standard slot numbering (disk0-diskn), choose the disk to be replaced that resides in lowest numbered slot.
  • Replace that disk as usual.
  • Do not replace any other disk until that disk has finished rebuilding.
  • Once that disk has finished rebuilding, repeat this procedure (choosing the next disk to be replaced).


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