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The new and improved Bugs Online tool offers an intuitive interface to product bug information where you can easily search by Bug IDs or keywords. You’ll be able to customize your view, pull reports, track your bugs, and even receive email notifications whenever your favorite bug has been updated.

Bugs Online Widget

clipboard_edefdd303aac15700eec888efb23afe73.pngSimply log into the NetApp Support Site and you’ll see the Bugs Online Widget on your dashboard.

  • You can search by Bug IDs or Keyword directly within that widget.
  • What’s more, you can select the product to get to the product specific bugs online collection.


Bugs Online Dashboard

Want a quick view of all your favorite bugs? Bugs Online Dashboard is the place to go.

  • From this dashboard, you’ll be able to see all your favorite bugs broken down by products, so start flagging bugs by staring them!


Bugs Online tab within your product pages

clipboard_e974a8ca6f22109f7907f27ee403aefa9.png It’s now easier than ever to find Bugs Online.

  • From your favorite product page, like ONTAP 9, simply click on the Bugs Online Tab to quickly view the bugs that are most important to you. 
  • You can also do a product specific search directly from that tab






Bug Subscription Preferences

clipboard_ef869171bdff74c77446ef81cc67d29db.pngIf you’re interested in a type of bug that might impact your systems, then Bug Subscription Preferences will allow you to track a bug(s).

  • Simply create a new profile indicating the product, what version you’re interested in, and what severity the impact would be and hit save.
  • Once saved, any new bugs matching the product you selected that comes into Bugs Online will be automatically added as a favorite bug.

Note: Remember to hit "SAVE CHANGES" at the bottom of the page


Email Me

clipboard_ea79d5872281d5e937a154a6deb7f3ea2.pngBe sure to check the Email Me checkbox if you wish to receive email notifications on when a bug has been added to your favorite list or when a bug has had a status change.

  • Emails are dynamically generated daily.
  • If you do not receive an email, it means no new bugs have been added that matches your profile and no updates occurred on your favorite bugs

Note: Remember to hit "SAVE CHANGES" at the bottom of the page



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