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How to manage legacy Compliant buckets in StorageGRID 11.5

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StorageGRID 11.5


  • The S3 Object Lock feature in StorageGRID 11.5 replaces the Compliance feature that was available in previous StorageGRID versions.
    • Because the S3 Object Lock feature conforms to Amazon S3 requirements, it deprecates the proprietary StorageGRID Compliance feature, which is now referred to as the “legacy Compliance feature.”
  • If the global Compliance setting was enabled in the Grid Manager before you upgraded to StorageGRID 11.5, the following will be true after you upgrade to StorageGRID 11.5:
    • The new global S3 Object Lock setting will be enabled in the Grid Manager.
      • This setting allows tenants to create buckets that have S3 Object Lock enabled.
    • Tenants can continue to ingest objects into their existing legacy Compliant buckets.
      • Compliant ILM rules and ILM policies function the same for objects in legacy Compliant buckets as they do for S3 Object Lock objects in buckets with S3 Object Lock enabled.
    • Tenants can continue to manage the compliance settings for their existing legacy Compliant buckets with the Tenant Management API.
  • Note: For additional options for managing legacy Compliant buckets, contact technical support.
  • This KB describes how to use the Tenant Management API to perform the following tasks:
    • Increase the retention period of an existing bucket that has legacy Compliance enabled.
    • Place or lift a legal hold for an existing bucket that has legacy Compliance enabled.
    • Change the auto-delete setting for an existing bucket that has legacy Compliance enabled.



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