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Incorrect status 'Failover in Progress' is reported for SRA in SRM

Applies to

SRA 9.7


VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) displays an Array Pair device status of "Failover In Progress" for a relationship that has been failed over to the disaster recovery site and Re-protected (mirror reverse re-synced) via SRM. The Re-protect operation fails indicating .vmx files need to reside on a protected datastore. When observing the NetApp SnapMirror Protection relationships, the mirrors have successfully been reverse re-synced to the DR location and SRM placeholder VMs are present in the new target vCenter cluster. The Array Pair continues to show “Failover In Progress” even though the Re-protect has failed.

Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 4.56.52 PM.png

In the SRM logs, on the SRA stdout section for discoverDevices, you see:

Failover occured. Marking the source device as read-only (sic)




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