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Shelf Limitation in SAS Stacks

Applies to

Disk Shelves


Check Active IQ if this impacts your systems.

Each SAS storage shelf stack can contain up to 10 shelves with the following exceptions:

  • FAS2040, which is limited to 4 shelves per stack
  • DS4486 disk shelves which are limited to 5 per stack

The 10-shelf limit applies only to the number of storage shelves in a stack, and is not a system limit, because systems can contain multiple stacks.

If a single stack in the system contains more than 10 disk shelves, the following alert will be presented in EMS:
<node_name>: dsa_disc: ses.config.shelfPopError:critical]: Disk shelf population on channel <XX> is ##. Reduce the number of disk shelves on this channel to 10 or fewer.