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How to perform graceful shutdown and power up of all ONTAP nodes in a cluster

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • AFF models
  • FAS models
  • Excluding MetroCluster


Several events might require a graceful shutdown of ONTAP equipment such as:

  • Scheduled site power outage
  • Data center wide maintenance
  • Physical system move
  • Preparation for future re-purposing of equipment
Prior to shutdown
(Best practices)
Identifying hardware components

The ONTAP system is comprised of one or more of the following components. Use the following links for helpful details and images to assist onsite personnel with locating and identifying the equipment.


Important: This procedure will shut down all nodes within the cluster and will make access to data on the cluster unavailable until the system is powered back up.
  1. Login to cluster via SSH. Otherwise, login from any node in the cluster using a local console cable.
  2. Generate a case suppression AutoSupport for the expected duration of the shutdown event and any descriptive text:

cluster1::> system node autosupport invoke -node * -type all -message "MAINT=8h Power Maintenance"

  1. Identify SP/BMC IP address of all nodes:

cluster1::> system service-processor show -node * -fields address
node address
-------------- ------------

  1. Exit clustershell:

cluster1::> exit

  1. Connect to SP/BMC over SSH using the IP address of any node from step #3. Otherwise, connect a local console cable to the node. Login using the same cluster administrator credentials. 

If accessing via the SP/BMC prompt, switch to system console and supply the cluster administrator credentials:

SP-login: login:
login as: admin
admin@'s password:
SP cluster1-01> system console
Type Ctrl-D to exit.
SP-login: admin

Note: Open an SSH session window to every SP/BMC for monitoring as described in this step.

  1. Halt all the nodes in the cluster:

For most cluster configurations:

cluster1::> system node halt -node * -skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown true -ignore-quorum-warnings true -inhibit-takeover true

For clusters with SnapMirror Synchronous operating in StrictSync mode:

cluster1::> system node halt -node * -skip-lif-migration-before-shutdown true -ignore-quorum-warnings true -inhibit-takeover true -ignore-strict-sync-warnings true
  1. Respond to the prompt for each node:

Warning: Are you sure you want to halt node "cluster1-01"?
{y|n}: y

Warning: Are you sure you want to halt node "cluster1-02"?
{y|n}: y

Warning: Are you sure you want to halt node "cluster1-03"?
{y|n}: y

Warning: Are you sure you want to halt node "cluster1-04"?
{y|n}: y

4 entries were acted on.

  1. Wait for each  node to halt completely by reaching the LOADER prompt:


  1. Connect to each node in the cluster via SP/BMC (if not already connected) or using a local console cable and confirm each node is at the LOADER prompt (as in Step 8).
Physical activity
The physical activity here ensures no equipment damage occurs while the system is powered down and ensures the correct order of equipment startup is followed, so that the ONTAP system is prepared to serve data after the event is complete.
  1. Toggle each PSU rocker switch to the off position on each piece of equipment.

Note: Some PSUs do not have rocker switches.

  1. Remove the power cable connecting each PSU to the PDU.
  2. Visually confirm each component has successfully powered off.
  3. Ensure that all controllers, disk shelves, and switches associated with the cluster are powered down.
Power up

When the system is ready to be powered back up following the steps in How to power up all ONTAP nodes in a cluster following a graceful shutdown

Additional Information


To power off a controller remotely:

SP> system power off
This will cause a dirty shutdown of your appliance.  Continue? [y/n] y
SP> system power status
Chassis Power is off

The warning can be ignored only after a clean shutdown and the node is at the LOADER prompt. Any other use can cause loss of data.

Repeat from other SP in the same chassis (where applicable).


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