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"sensorReadingFailed" and "ensembleDegraded" alerts are detected

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Applies to

  • NetApp SolidFire
  • NetApp Element software prior to 12.3.x


  • The below alerts are seen on NetApp SolidFire Active IQ and Element cluster web GUI:
    • sensorReadingFailed IPMI diagnostics are currently unresponsive. Please contact support if this problem persists.
    • ensembleDegraded Ensemble degraded: 1/5 database servers not connectable: {3:x.x.x.x}
  • EXT4-fs errors are being shown at the remote console of a storage node
    • [3367598.061077] EXT4-fs error (device sda2): ext4_journal_check_start:61:Detected aborted journal
    • [3367598.061078] EXT4-fs error (sda2): Remounting filesystem read-only xxxxxxxx
    • [3367598.125694] EXT4-fs error (sda3): in ext4_writepages:2878: IO failure
  • The event log shows:

networkEvent Failed to install SSL certificate  3  { "message": "Failed to remove path=[/sf/etc/ssl/active.crt] errorCode=system:30 errorCode.message()=Read-only file system", "name": "xCheckFailure" }
platformHardwareEvent Updating BMC cold reset date 6 3  { "bmcResetDurationMinutes": 0, "bmcResetDate": "2021-05-11T23:16:41" }
unexpectedException Unexpected Exception - xCreateRepositorySourceFileFailed Failed to open and truncate /sf/apt/ callback=[ {4:RepositorySources::packageManagerCallbackTag}] wtype=[SessionConnected] - Contact SolidFire Support. 6 3  ""

  • When generating a Support Bundle the below error occurs:

Error creating support bundle: SolidFireApiError server=[xx.xx.xx.xx]
method=[CreateSupportBundle], params=[{'bundleName': 'supportbundle', 'extraArgs': ' --binary'}] - error name=[xAPIMethodFailed],
message=[Create Support Bundle failed processing:
 command=timeout -s KILL 1500s /sf/scripts/sfsupportbundle --quiet ?--binary
 cmdResult={ rc=1 stdout="" stderr="mount: /: cannot remount /dev/sda2 read-write, is write-protected.
mv: cannot move '/var/log/' to '/var/log/': Read-only file system

  • Enable SSH API is successfully implemented but the SSH service cannot be started by the OS
  • The node's BMC webpage can be accessed normally and 1G/10G network is reachable


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