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How ONTAP monitors the CRCs?

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Applies to

  • Ethernet protocol. IEEE 802.3
  • CRC or Frame check sequence


  • ONTAP reports CRC errors when corrupted frames are received.

  • ifstat output and AutoSupport section:

::> system node run -node node-name ifstat e0c 
-- interface  e0c  (7 days, 18 hours, 10 minutes, 41 seconds) -- 
 Total frames:    508k | Frames/second:     1  | Total bytes:   37009k 
 Bytes/second:     55  | Total errors:   12117 | Errors/minute:     0 
 Total discards:    0  | Discards/minute:   0  | Multi/broadcast: 1280k 
 Non-primary u/c:   0  | CRC errors:     12117 | Runt frames:       0 
 Long frames:       0  | Length errors:     0  | Alignment errors:  0 
 No buffer:         0  | Pause:             0  | Jumbo:             0 

  • Event message and EMS AutoSupport message: 

Wed Jun 30 02:38:27 CEST [node-name: vifmgr: vifmgr.cluscheck.crcerrors:alert]: Port e0c on node node-name is reporting a high number of observed hardware errors, possibly CRC errors.

  • ONTAP reports CRC errors in event messages and EMS AutoSupport messages when getting more than 1 in 1000 frames. 

Additional Information

  • CRC errors are usually caused by faulty hardware or incompatible hardware 
  • Network switches can willingly forward bad CRC frames
  • Packet trace is not useful 


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