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CRC errors received on a single NIC port

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FAS / AFF Systems
  • CRC errors reporting on a single port


  • Event logs report hardware errors on a physical and/or logical port.

[node-01: vifmgr: vifmgr.cluscheck.crcerrors]: Port a0b on node node-01 is reporting a high number of observed hardware errors, possibly CRC errors
[node-02: vifmgr: vifmgr.cluscheck.crcerrors]: Port e0d on node node-02 is reporting a high number of observed hardware errors, possibly CRC errors
[node-02: vifmgr: vifmgr.cluscheck.hwerrors:alert]: Port e0d on node node-02 is reporting a high number (at least 1 per 1000 packets) of observed hardware errors (CRC, length, alignment, dropped)
[node-02: vifmgr:]: Call home for CLUSTER NETWORK DEGRADED: CRC Errors Detected - High CRC errors detected on port e0d node node-02

  • ifstat output show CRC errors if ONTAP is receiving the errors.
  • Issue persists after cable/SFP re-seat and ifstat -z on the affected node.

 Total frames:   36418m  | Frames/second:   23646  | Total bytes:       179t
 Bytes/second:      116m | Total errors:      170k | Errors/minute:    7
 Total discards:      0  | Discards/minute:     0  | Multi/broadcast:  1686k
 Non-primary u/c:     0  | CRC errors:        159k | Long frames:      0

  • CRC errors may be observed on a switch port or client side and latency may be seen due to packet loss

2022-03-20T17:39:36.443Z cpu36:2098075)WARNING: ScsiDeviceIO: 1498: Device naa.600a09803830574c4d5d53ddf26c4543 performance has deteriorated. I/O latency increased from average value of 18171 microseconds to 1816780 microseconds.


Points to remember :

Many switching environments use Cut-through switching rather than store and forward switching because of its speed

  • This means that the faulty hardware may not be on the directly connected link
  • The CRC may have occurred upstream
  • This shows up as a non-zero value in ifstat for CRC errors
  • If CRCs are zero but the switch has CRCs, the problem may be transmitted but ONTAP is not seeing the errors


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