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CN1610 cluster interconnect switch shuts down due to high temperature

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Applies to

  • CN1610 cluster switch
  • ONTAP 9


  • The CN1610 cluster switch shuts down.
  • Switch logs indicate shut down due to power loss:
Power supply state change alarm: Power Supply Unit: 1  ID: 1  Event: 5 - Power Loss

SW1-1 BSP[envMonTask]: cpu_boxs.c(1487) 719 %% Warning temperature reading : 60 deg C!
SW1-1 BSP[envMonTask]: cpu_boxs.c(1512) 726 %% Critical temperature reading : 61 deg C!
SW1-1 BSP[envMonTask]: cpu_boxs.c(2050) 727 %% Starting 2 minute shutdown timer !
SW1-1 BSP[envMonTask]: cpu_boxs.c(2095) 728 %% System shutting down !
  • If this issue happens on both cluster switches, then the cluster rings can be seen going offline which can further cause:
    • Nodes generating NODE(S) OUT OF CLUSTER QUORUM) EMERGENCY  autosupport.
    • Aggregates, volumes, LIFs etc may be listed as offline in the show outputs using CLI.
    • Nodes may not get listed properly (even if they are online).

cluster1::> node show

Node      Health Eligibility Uptime        Model       Owner   
--------- ------ ----------- ------------- ----------- --------
node-1    false  true                    - -           -       
node-2    false  true        71 days 19:42 FAS8060             
node-3    false  true                    - -           -       
node-4    false  true                    - -           -       
4 entries were displayed.


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