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How to calculate how long drive firmware upgrade will take on E-Series?

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E-Series Arrays


  • This is going to depend on if the firmware is upgraded Offline (Parallel) or Online. Please see additional information below for more details on the difference.
  • Online upgrade do upgrades one drive at a time. It is estimated for about 30 seconds per drive. 
  • Offline upgrades do upgrades in parallel and can do up to 4 drives at a time depending on what NVSRAM is being used by the system.
  • These are estimates and drives may take longer or less depending on I/O to the system along with changes in NVSRAM.

Note: SSD Cache drives must be done Offline and be suspended to complete the upgrade.


Consider a storage array comprised of 4 drive trays, 12 drives per tray (48 drives total). The following table shows coarse estimates for updating the firmware on all drives of the system based on a 30 seconds per drive download cycle.

Drives to download concurrently Time to update all the drives of the system
0 (Online Upgrade) 24 minutes (30 seconds per drive, 48 drives)
1 6 minutes (4 concurrent downloads, 1 drive per tray)
2 3 minutes (8 concurrent downloads, 2 drive per tray)
3 2 minutes (12 concurrent downloads, 3 drive per tray)
4 1.5 minutes (16 concurrent downloads, 4 drive per tray)



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