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Cloud Insights Workload Security  Fpolicy Best Practice and Recommendations

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  • CIFS
  • NFS
  • Cloud Secure
  • FPolicy


What are some Best Practices and Recommendations pertaining to Cloud Secure Fpolicy Deployments?
Cloud Secure Specific Recommendations:
  • Configuring the ONTAP SVM Data Collector - follow the Before you Begin section for Cloud Insight\Cloud Secure Data Collector Best Practices
  • For optimal performance, you should configure the FPolicy server to be on the same subnet as the storage system.
NetApp Specific Recommendations:
  • For Cloud Secure External Engines, set send-buffer-size  to 1MB or greater

    • via the Cloud Secure UI, there is an option to set "Set ONTAP Send Buffer size" (1MB to 6MB)

  • To lessen the potential impact of latency, set abort timeout lower, for example: 5s.

If there is a large amount of latency between the Collector and the SVM, it can cause a delay in the TCP acknowledgements, and potential impact to latency in very rare occasions.

To decrease end-user latency in cases where there are connection issues or CPU starvation on the collector, it is recommended to lower the "Timeout for Aborting a Request" from 40 to 5 seconds.

Please NOTE this value is automatically set by Cloud Secure.

General Recommendations:



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