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What operations are categorized under Other IOPS in ONTAP?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • ONTAP System Manager
  • NetApp Active IQ Unified Manager


  • Any non-read or non-write operation and associated latency is considered other by ONTAP
  • For NAS workloads (CIFS/NFS), anything that involves metadata or manipulation of a file or folder.
    • Other operations can have impact unlike SAN
  • For SAN, this would include SCSI operations that do not impact storage response time such as:
    • Inquiry
    • TestUnitReady
    • ReportTargetPortGroups
    • ReadCapacity
    • VvolGetDeviceId

Note: Operations that modify blocks will be counted as read/write such as SCSI reservations or Xcopy.

Additional Information

NFS and SMB2 calls, and SCSI command types:

  • NFS
    • A summary of NFS procedures is show below. Everything but 6 and 7 are counted as other:
      • Procedure 0: NULL - Do nothing
      • Procedure 1: GETATTR - Get file attributes
      • Procedure 2: SETATTR - Set file attributes
      • Procedure 3: LOOKUP - Lookup filename
      • Procedure 4: ACCESS - Check Access Permission
      • Procedure 5: READLINK - Read from symbolic link
      • Procedure 6: READ - Read From file
      • Procedure 7: WRITE - Write to file
      • Procedure 8: CREATE - Create a file
      • Procedure 9: MKDIR - Create a directory
      • Procedure 10: SYMLINK - Create a symbolic link
      • Procedure 11: MKNOD - Create a special device
      • Procedure 12: REMOVE - Remove a File
      • Procedure 13: RMDIR - Remove a Directory
      • Procedure 14: RENAME - Rename a File or Directory
      • Procedure 15: LINK - Create Link to an object
      • Procedure 16: READDIR - Read From Directory
      • Procedure 17: READDIRPLUS - Extended read from directory
      • Procedure 18: FSSTAT - Get dynamic file system information
      • Procedure 19: FSINFO - Get static file system Information
      • Procedure 20: PATHCONF - Retrieve POSIX information
      • Procedure 21: COMMIT - Commit cached data on a server to stable storage
  • SMB2
    • SMB2 commands listed with opcode value. 0x0008 and 0x0009 are not other ops:
      • SMB2 NEGOTIATE         0x0000
      • SMB2 SESSION_SETUP     0x0001
      • SMB2 LOGOFF            0x0002
      • SMB2 TREE_CONNECT      0x0003
      • SMB2 TREE_DISCONNECT   0x0004
      • SMB2 CREATE            0x0005
      • SMB2 CLOSE             0x0006
      • SMB2 FLUSH             0x0007
      • SMB2 READ              0x0008
      • SMB2 WRITE             0x0009
      • SMB2 LOCK              0x000A
      • SMB2 IOCTL             0x000B
      • SMB2 CANCEL            0x000C
      • SMB2 ECHO              0x000D
      • SMB2 QUERY_DIRECTORY   0x000E
      • SMB2 CHANGE_NOTIFY     0x000F
      • SMB2 QUERY_INFO        0x0010
      • SMB2 SET_INFO          0x0011
      • SMB2 OPLOCK_BREAK      0x0012
  • SCSI op codes official listing.
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