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What is wafliron

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9


Description of WaflIron  

Wafliron is an ONTAP tool that find and corrects WAFL file system metadata inconsistencies. The file system state can be corrupted by hardware failures, software bugs, and even human errors.  ONTAP has multiple protections against such events, but despite these defenses, corruptions may still occur.  

Corruption can affect both user data (contents of files), and meta data (WAFL file system data). Repair of user data is limited to recovery from backup, whereas metadata can be repaired either on-the-fly, or using Wafliron.

In the event ONTAP detects an inconsistency which can neither be recovered by RAID nor tolerated, the file system is marked as inconsistent and taken offline.  Wafliron is used to repair the file system while allowing full access to clients.  

Wafliron is.....

  • Run with the storage system online, provided that the root volume does not need to be checked.
  • Used to check for file and directory metadata inconsistency. 
  • Only for use with the assistance of NetApp Technical Support

Note: It is important to note that Wafliron checks and repairs file system metadata inconsistencies. It does not check, or repair information stored in user data blocks. Therefore, if an application, a user, or another agent, such as a virus, modifies the data stored within the data blocks, Wafliron will not prohibit such activity.  


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