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Space reclamation issue with SUSE host

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Applies to

  • Ontap 9
  • SUSE Host


  • Unable to reclaim the volume space after data has been deleted on host.
  • Both volume(Space Guarantee=volume) and underlying lun's (space reservation=enabled and space allocation diabled) are thick providisoned.

cluster::> lun show -vserver vs -path /vol/vol1/xxx -instance
Space Reservation: disabled
Space Reservations Honored: false
Space Allocation: disabled


cluster::>volume show -vserver vs1 -volume vol1
Space Guarantee Style: volume
Space Guarantee In Effect: true


  • The LUNs are showing 0B space available on host end, but on storage end we do not see the lun being full.
  • Ems reports space-error for the lun but is not full.
  • The volume space continues to grow even after the customer expanded the volume.
Fri Jul 21 10:47:50 IST [NetApp: wafl_exempt05: wafl.spacemgmnt.policyChg:notice]: The space management policy for volume xxx has changed: autosize volume maximum size 15397457760KB.
Fri Jul 21 10:53:41 IST [NetApp: wafl_exempt12:]: Space reservations in volume xxx (DSID xxx2) are not honored, either because the volume space guarantee is set to 'none' or it is disabled due to lack of space in its containing aggregate.

Sat Jul 22 08:36:45 IST [NetApp: VdomFSMThr_16:]: LUN /vol/volx/xxx, vol xxx (DSID xxx2) is out of space (UUID: 9b7d30f5-7583-4aa8-a255-e9ea30fb3xxx).
  • The volume xxx is overprovisioned. The volume with size of 14TB has 14 LUNs with total size of 22TB

Total volume space is 14.45TB
Used space is 13.6TB and Available space is 1.86TB

The volume has total 14 LUNs and total space consumed by these luns = 22TB

  • Volume details shows 'fractional-reserve' is 0% where as by default it should be 100% for a volume with space-guarantee volume.The same can be verifie dusing below command:vol show -vserver <vserver_name> -volume <vol_name> -fields fractional-reserve, space-guarantee
  • Space reservation honored is set to false as per the output-lun show -vserver <vserver_name> -volume <volume_name> -fields space-reserve-honored,space-reserve
  • 'space-reserve-honored' for the thick LUN changes to 'false' when the underline volume has 'fractional-reserve' as 0%


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