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Do I still have support for CN1610 switches reporting as 'limited support'?

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Applies to

  • NetApp CN1610 Ethernet switch
  • FastPath OS
  • Unified Manager Alert trigger

Cluster Switches XXXXXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXXXX are running FastPath OS which is in Limited Support. Requests for bug fixes on Limited Support software products will no longer be accepted.


Yes, but support will be Limited per  End of Availability Communication: NetApp CN1610 Cluster Interconnect SKUs

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Additional Information

Hardware Support
  • Refer to the Hardware Universe to access specific hardware product EOS/EOA information.
EOA 12-Dec-2019
EOS 31-Jan-2025
Software Version Support
  • CN1610 switches will continue to receive support for as long as they are in a system under contract until they reach End of Support, which is after 31-Jan-2025.
  • CN1610 switches are supported through all ONTAP 9.1 - 9.12.1 releases.
    • From 9.13.1 and onward, no further ONTAP releases are planned to support the CN1610 switch.

Limited Support: The time period where NetApp provides limited support for a version of a software product.

  • Per Capability Matrix by Support Type
    • Technical support, root cause analysis, documentation and software available online are provided.
    • Service Updates (including any form of software update) are NOT provided for versions under limited support.
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