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Cisco UCS FI ports fail to show in devicelogin --show output

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Applies to

  • Brocade Switches
  • FOS 8.2.1
  • MAPS
  • Cisco UCS FI


  • Starting from FOS 8.2.1, there is a MAPS feature which allows the switch to keep track of Cisco UCS FI ports and the number of NPIV devices logged in on each port. 
  • Additionally, this feature also allowed dynamic redistribution of NPIV logs across Cisco UCS FI uplinks. For more information on how re-balance feature works, watch this YouTube video from Brocade - Brocade FOS Automatically Rebalance UCS NPIV logins
  • With this issue, FOS fails to recognize Cisco UCS FI ports, which limits the functionality of NPIV re-balance feature by running command  devicelogin --rebalance


In this scenario, the number of initiators/NPIV is split across 4 ports, but only 2 ports are getting listed in the devicelogin --show

  • In the switchshow output, NPIV devices listed as expected.

switchName:    switch

<output truncated for brevity>

Index Slot Port Address Media  Speed        State    Proto

204    9   28   14cc00   id    N16      Online      FC  F-Port  1 N Port + 33 NPIV public
221   10   29   14dd00   id    N16      Online      FC  F-Port  1 N Port + 33 NPIV public 
284    4   44   149480   id    N16      Online      FC  F-Port  1 N Port + 32 NPIV public
267    3   43   148380   id    N16      Online      FC  F-Port  1 N Port + 33 NPIV public

  • In the devicelogin --show output, ports 9/28 and 10/29 are listed, however ports 4/44 and 3/43 are missing under "Ports" column for Node WWN 20:01:00:de:fb:b6:64:c1

switch:admin> devicelogin --show
Node WWN                |State           |Ports Count |Ports (Number of devices) |
20:01:00:de:fb:1f:0a:81 |BALANCED        |2           |6/27(50), 5/26(50)        |
20:01:00:de:fb:b6:64:c1 |BALANCED        |4           |9/28(34), 10/29(34)       |


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