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E-Series Data Integrity Related Events

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If data corruption is suspected at the application layer, it is entirely possible that nothing will be recorded in the controller logs. It is appropriate to validate RAID/Parity if this occurs.

E-Series Data Integrity-Related Events:
Event Description Event ID Event Details
Data/parity mismatch on volume 200A

A data/parity mismatch is detected during data scrubbing (media scan) on a volume. 

For RAID 1 configuration, it indicates there is a mismatch between the two mirror data copies.

Isolation and correction of redundancy mismatch 2041

A redundancy (data/parity) mismatch has been isolated to a single drive.

This level of isolation is only possible with RAID 6 and Dynamic Disk Pool due to the presence of dual parity.

Data assurance mismatch detected - probable cause is cached data 2061

A cached volume data and protection information do not match.

Data assurance mismatch detected - probable cause is data on drive 2062 Data returned from drive and protection information do not match.
Data assurance mismatch detected - probable cause is channel interface 2060 A channel interface and protection information do not match.

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