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After storage rebooting source volume is no longer accessible

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Applies to

  • NetApp E-Series
  • SANtricity OS 11.80.1GA or earlier 
  • Offline Volume Copy
  • E-Series Platforms: EF300 and EF600 
    • The volume copy issue only affects volumes using BlockSizeProxy, which means these volumes are created with blockSize=512 and the volumes come from a volume group/DDP comprised of 4K NVMe drives.

volume block size.png

NOTE: Only an FC-type system can select Volume Block Size via GUI. If the host interface type is iSCSI, the default value is 512 and only creating volume via CLI can set blockSize=4K.


After storage reboot without clearing an existing OFFLINE copy pair, the following issues can be triggered:

1.  Volume Copy operation fails to start due to I/O error. 

  • MEL (Major Event Log): A:5/25/24, 5:45:46 AM (05:45:46) 2719 6600 Volume copy or import operation failed - Volume vol11 <--CRITICAL
  • DQ (trace buffer log): 05/25/24-05:45:45.060 CopyProxy 0000c002 failing volume copy - Background copy I/O error - 0x208

 2. One or both volumes in Copy Pair relation are inaccessible to the host, such as SAN boot failure from VMware hosts. 

 3.  If the start volume copy is from the target volume to the source volume, controller(s) go to lockdown with limited use of SYMbol due to the following assertion. 

05/27/24-07:20:54 (raidSched1): PANIC: Assertion failed: file /u/symsm/ccm_wa/symbios/RAIDCore-5207.1.7/m4_874_debian-5207.1.7/images/m4_e30_874_3000-, line 2520
2024-05-27 07:20:58.197667
Assertion failed: file /u/symsm/ccm_wa/symbios/RAIDCore-5207.1.7/m4_874_debian-5207.1.7/images/m4_e30_874_3000-, line 2520

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