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What log files does SnapCenter Server generate?

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SnapCenter Server


Log File Name Location Description Log Rotation
SnapManagerWeb.log <SC_Install_Dir>\SnapCenter WebApp\App_Data\log SnapCenter Server log file. The roll over is triggered when the log file size exceeds MaxFileSize. Rotated logs are retained as SnapManager_Web.log.<N> files up to the number specified as MaxSizeRollBackups. The default MaxFileSize is 10MB and the default  MaxSizeRollBackups is 10. These parameters can be changed with Set-SmLogSettings -Server Cmdlet. For details, find Windows Cmdlet Reference Guide for the version you are running and refer to the documentation.
SnapManagerWeb_<Job_ID>.log <SC_Install_Dir>\SnapCenter WebApp\App_Data\log SnapCenter Server jog logs. Basically the same as SnapManagerWeb.log but contains only information related to an individual job. When total job log files size exceeds JobLogsMaxFileSize, the oldest files are deleted. The default JobLogsMaxFileSize is 500MB and it can be changed with Set-SmLogSettings -Server Cmdlet. For details, find Windows Cmdlet Reference Guide for the version you are running and refer to the documentation.

Apart from the Web logs, the SnapCenter Server also generates logs through SMCore (*), which will also include JobLauncher, SMCore job and SMCore SCW (SAL) job logs for any unix host backups, since these are scheduled from the SC Server, not from the host.

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