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VSS Snapshots created in the SCW Plug-in can fail mounting in Hyper-V environment

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Applies to

  • SnapCenter Plug-in for Windows (SCW) 4.x
  • Third party VSS Backup Tool (Veeam)


Although the snapshot works fine on volumes containing the Hyper-V CSV LUNs, when mounting the Snapshot to read the content, a failure occurs, as seen in the Application Event log:
Navssprv event of type "unknown", id 4103: "NETAPP LUN C-Mode  <LUN-serial-number>"
VSS error event 12362:
"A Shadow Copy LUN was not detected in the system and did not arrive.
 LUN ID            {399ca89b-0176-49be-83a4-d99321d6ca53}
 Version                0x0000000000000001
 Device Type            0x0000000000000000
 Device TypeModifier    0x0000000000000000
 Command Queueing       0x0000000000000001
 Bus Type               0x0000000000000001
 Vendor Id              NETAPP
 Product Id             LUN C-Mode
 Product Revision       8200
 Serial Number          <LUN-serial-number>
 Storage Identifiers
 Version        0
 Identifier Count    0
   Exposing Disks
   Locating shadow-copy LUNs
   Import Shadow Copies
   Executing Asynchronous Operation

   Execution Context: Provider
   Provider Name: Data ONTAP VSS Hardware Provider
   Provider Version: 7. 0. 0. 5561
   Provider ID: {31fca584-72be-45b6-9419-53a3277301d1}
   Current State: ImportSnapshots"
VSS error event 12293:
    "Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Error calling a routine on a Shadow Copy Provider {31fca584-72be-45b6-9419-53a3277301d1}.
     Routine details Routine ImportSnapshotSet failed with 0x800423f8 [hr = 0x800423f8, An expected disk did not arrive in the system.    ].

       Executing Asynchronous Operation

       Current State: ImportSnapshots"

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