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SnapDrive for Windows fails to create Snapshots for LUNs on ONTAP 9.13.1

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Applies to

  • SnapManager for Hyper-V (SMHV) 2.1.4(P2)
  • SnapManager for Oracle or SAP (SMO/SMSAP) 3.4.x
  • Snap Creator Framework (SCF) using SnapDrive for proper LUN support (4.3.x)
  • SnapDrive for Windows (SDW) 7.1.5P5
  • ONTAP 9.13.1


After upgrading ONTAP to 9.13.1, in SMHV and SMO, the backup fails, as SDW fails to create a snapshot.

The following events occur in the host's application event log (VSS events only for SMHV, since it uses it for consistency through the VMs):

SnapDrive error Event 194:
    "Failed to create a consistent Snapshot copy({6ba5dba6-f922-4fbf-8b8a-d2c6a12ffee8}) of the LUN(s) 
    [\\?\Volume{dc82ceba-39cb-4e29-89b4-54f4fd283d02}\ ].
     Error code : Failed to create Snapshot for LUN 'SFLAHYPERVCL02_csv03_vol'. Possible reason/solution: 
     Please verify the existence of LUN 'SFLAHYPERVCL02_csv03_vol' with Storage Path '/vol/SFLAHYPERVCL02_csv03_vol'. 
     If the LUN exists, retry the operation after some time.
VSS error event 12293:
    "Volume Shadow Copy Service error: Error calling a routine on a Shadow Copy Provider {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}.
     Routine details CommitSnapshots [hr = 0xc00404d1].
       Executing Asynchronous Operation
       Current State: DoSnapshotSet"

Navssprv error event 4108:
    "Data ONTAP VSS hardware provider failed in CommitSnapshots method [SnapshotSetId={6ba5dba6-f922-4fbf-8b8a-d2c6a12ffee8}].
     SnapDrive failed to create snapshot.
     Please check SnapDrive event logs.
     The data is the error code."
Navssprv error event 4110:
    "Data ONTAP VSS hardware provider's AbortSnapshot method is called [SnapshotSetId={6ba5dba6-f922-4fbf-8b8a-d2c6a12ffee8}].
     VSS has failed the current shadow copy session because the previous errors are not continuable."

SnapDrive information event 816:
    "Snapshot doesn't exist.
     Storage System Name = SFLASVM11
     LunPath = /vol/SFLAHYPERVCL02_csv03_vol/SFLAHYPERVCL02_csv03_vol
     SnapshotName = {6ba5dba6-f922-4fbf-8b8a-d2c6a12ffee8}"

VSS error event 12298:
    "Volume Shadow Copy Service error: The I/O writes cannot be held during the shadow copy creation period on volume 
     The volume index in the shadow copy set is 0. Error details: Open[0x00000000, The operation completed successfully.],
     Flush[0x00000000, The operation completed successfully.],
     Release[0x80042314, The shadow copy provider timed out while holding writes to the volume being shadow copied.
        This is probably due to excessive activity on the volume by an application or a system service.
        Try again later when activity on the volume is reduced.],
    OnRun[0x00000000, The operation completed successfully.].
       Executing Asynchronous Operation
       Current State: DoSnapshotSet

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