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What to check if OTV is unresponsive state?

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ONTAP Tools for VMware (OTV)


If ONTAP Tools for VMware (OTV) appliance plugin is in a unresponsive state, meaning if it appears to show 'Unknown' storage systems. Then take the following actions before rebooting or restarting the services and before opening case with NetApp Support:
  1. Click Rediscover All button does it respond?
    • Take a screenshot of the state of the plugin. 
  2. Go to the appliance vm and Launch web console to get into the Maintenance screen


  1. Open the 4) Support and Diagnostics menu
  2. Select Access diagnostic shell and select y to enter diagnostic shell. 


  1. Use top command at prompt to identify what PID User is using the most CPU and/or Memory.
    • Take a screenshot to share with NetApp Support. 


  • Type 'q' to quit the top application.
  1. Login to webCli by opening a new browser window and entering https://otv_ip:9083


  1. In webCli go to Right Now to check Items in-Flight


  • Take screenshot of the Items in flight to share with NetApp Support:


  1. Go back to Maintenance console and Restart VSC and VP services in 1)Application Configuration >
    • 3) Stop Virtual Storage Console service and 2) Start Virtual Storage Console service 
    • 5) Stop VASA Provider and SRA service and 4) Start VASA Provider and SRA service
  2. Collect a log bundle from the OTV Plugin once the services have restarted and settled back down. 


  1. Open case with NetApp Support and include information:
    • When it was first discovered to be unresponsive?
    • Was any storage system maintance in or around the time of the OTV appliance becoming unresponsive?
    • Version of OTV, vSphere?
    • Is VASA Provider, SRA, or vVols being used?

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