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ONTAP Tools for VMware vSphere: Managing preferences via the vscPreferences.xml

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Applies to

  • ONTAP Tools for VMware vSphere 9.x and below (OTV)
  • Virtual Storage Console (VSC)


ONTAP Tools for VMware vSphere has a XML file where the behavior of OTV / VSC can be customized.  This file is called vscPreferences.xml and is accessible via the Remote Diagnostics Shell at location /opt/netapp/vscserver/etc/vsc

The default values for the preferences are also listed in this article. 

Changing any of these values might impact the behavior of OTV / VSC and/or the performance of the vCenter Server. When changing any of the default behaviors, do so only after receiving instructions from the Global Support Center.
  • default.server.discovery.threads: 8
    • This option sets the number of simultaneous threads that run during Discovery
    • Possible values are 4 to 32
    • If an invalid value is entered, it will be ignored and the default value of 8 will be used
  • default.client.refresh.timer: 15
    • This option determines how quickly the VSC for VMware client will update when another client updates its data
    • Possible values are 5 to 60
    • If an invalid value is entered, it will be ignored and the default value of 15 will be used
  • default.server.discovery.autostart: true
    • This option determines if the discovery process should start immediately at startup
    • If this is set to false, no data will be displayed in the GUI until the user performs a manual discovery by clicking Update on the Overview panel
    • Default value is true
  • default.server.discovery.scheduled: true
  • default.server.discovery.hour: 06
  • default.server.discovery.minute: 00
    • These options control whether the Discovery should run as a background process on a schedule.
    • Default value is true
    • default.server.discovery.hour sets the hour of the day during which the scheduled background discovery should run
    • default.server.discovery.minute sets the minute of the day when the scheduled background discovery should run
  • default.server.tasks.staletimeout: 60
    • This option controls the minimum time to wait before running or before the queued tasks are considered stale and should be terminated
    • Default value is 60 minutes
  • false
    • This option changes the default behavior of how unassociated controllers are displayed in the client
    • Normally, unassociated controllers are only displayed when the user has selected a Datacenter or higher entity in the vCenter Inventory Panel
    • Controllers that have Failed Authentication and/or SSL not configured status are classified as unassociated.
    • Default value is false


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