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OnCommand Insight Datawarehouse Binary Backup and Restore

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OnCommand Insight Datawarehouse (DWH)


What is DWH Binary Backup? OCI officially supports two primary methods of DWH backups i.e., WebUI standard backups and “binarybackups. Binary backups are available for larger enterprise deployments when backup times regularly exceed the recommended default backup parameters
How is DWH Binary Backup works? The binary backup method leverages the MySQL Enterprise backup tool as opposed to the standard WebUI backup method consisting of preparing MySQL content into a backup file. The key advantage to performing the binary backup option is speed and reducing the time duration necessary for the backup process to complete
How much disk space required for DWH Binary Backup? The binary backup method does consume additional disk space which varies depending on the data set size required to backup. The required free disk space is 2 1/2 times the MySQL Database folder or 2 1/2 equivalent to the folder size of \SANscreen\mysql\data
Why we are not using DWH Binary Backup instead using standard DWH backup?

- The DWH binary backup method is for disaster recovery situations only

- The Binary backup contains “one” copy of the DWH backup as opposed to 5 copies created by the
standard WebUI backup process

What other difference we have for DWH Binary Backup?

Restoring Binary backup is a two steps process

1) Restore the binary backup

2) Restore the IBM Cognos Content Store  backup

Can Binary Backup be restored in newer version of DWH? No, Binary Backup needs to be restored on the same version.





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