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Where can I find support for Grafana used by Harvest and Prometheus?

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  • ONTAP and ActiveIQ Unified Manager can integrate with graphing solutions such as
    • Graphite,
    • Grafana, or NABox
      • NetApp Harvest which is a data collector that can pull performance metrics from ONTAP as well as capacity metrics from ActiveIQ Unified Manager and then forward those metrics to Grafana.
  • Each of these products has its own support path on how to integrate them with other NetApp products, and can also be discussed through the NetApp Community or the NetApp Discord.

Support paths:

  • FIRST, send an email to with a good problem description.

Note: If you do not hear back from someone within a few days, try the links below.

Additional Information

NetApp Harvest is the open-metrics endpoint for ONTAP and StorageGRID. NetApp Harvest is used to monitor and bring observability to ONTAP and StorageGRID clusters. Harvest collects performance, capacity, and hardware metrics from ONTAP and StorageGRID, transforms them, and routes them to your choice of time-series database.

Prometheus metrics are time series measurements. The Prometheus service on Admin Nodes collects these metrics from the services on all nodes. Metrics are stored on each Admin Node until the space reserved for Prometheus data is full. When the /var/local/mysql_ibdata/ volume reaches capacity, the oldest metrics are deleted first.

Grafana provides a dashboard where the collected Harvest metrics can be displayed. Grafana is an open-source interactive data-visualization platform, developed by Grafana Labs, which allows users to see their data via charts and graphs that are unified into one dashboard (or multiple dashboards!) for easier interpretation and understanding.

NAbox is a virtual appliance that bundles NetApp Harvest, Prometheus, and Grafana together for a seamless monitoring experience of your ONTAP systems. I'm told NABox is NOT officially supported by NetApp but if you get a customer who has an issue with this solution, send an email to with the problem description, and a NetApp rep will reach out to you⁠

Use Prometheus and Grafana to extend your metrics retention

Prometheus metrics - Product Documentation - NetApp

Monitor Harvest with Prometheus and Grafana Cloud



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