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How can I create a clone of a virtual machine from a SnapManager for Hyper-V backup ?

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Applies to

  • SnapManager for Hyper-V (SMHV)
  • SnapDrive for Windows (SDW)


  1. Since SMHV does not provide VM cloning directly, Hyper-V manager needs to be used to create the VM itself (for example: use a template for a new VM).
  2. However, SDW on the Hyper-V Host can create clones of the CSVs used to store the VMs and VHD(X)s, and connect these to the Hyper-V cluster group, making sure to choose an initiator group with all the cluster node's initiators. Alternatively, connecting to a single node which contains the target VM. In both instances,
    the VHD(X)s can be connected to that VM in Hyper-V Manager (*).
  3. To copy data back to the original VM for recovery, use CIFS shares.

Additional Information


  1. always use sysprep on new VMs, especially when cloning the boot disk.
  2. (*) do not attempt to connect VHD(X)s from a cloned CSV to the original VM, due to serial number and signature conflicts with existing disks in that VM.


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