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SYSTEM_BOOT_FAILED (POST failed) - AutoSupport message

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Applies to

  • Data ONTAP 8.2
  • System Alert from RLM of filer1 (SYSTEM_BOOT_FAILED (POST failed)) CRITICAL
  • System Alert from SP of filer1 (SYSTEM_BOOT_FAILED (POST failed)) CRITICAL
  • [Boot Loader.critical]: Abort Autoboot due to BIOS POST failure. Additional data:
  • [Trap Event.critical]: hwassist post_error

Event Summary

The AutoSupport message SYSTEM BOOT FAILED indicates that a system has failed to complete POST (Power On Self Test), and currently, is not online serving data.




This AutoSupport was generated by the Remote Lan Module (RLM) and might be an issue with the RLM or with the storage controller. To resolve this issue, the steps below should be followed during the initial troubleshooting. If the cause is not determined with the action plan below, contact NetApp Technical Support for further assistance. 

Perform the following:

  1. Try connecting to the appliance through RLM or SP.
  2. Review the RLM/SP AutoSupport searching for errors that might indicate why the appliance could not boot.
  3. If maintenance is in progress, review the logs of the previous session to see why CFE failed.
  4. Try booting Data ONTAP manually.
  5. If there seems to be an issue with RLM/SP or this e-mail message is generated without a cause, connect to the RLM/SP CLI (logging the output), run the following commands, and contact NetApp Technical Support for further assistance:

Service Processor

“events all”


  • priv set advanced
  • rlm log debug
  • priv set   

For more information, see KB How to troubleshoot unexplained takeovers or reboots

If you require assistance with troubleshooting the POST failure, or any further assistance, contact NetApp Technical Support.

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