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Can I use HCC with VMware lockdown mode?

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Applies to

  • HCC (Hybrid Cloud Control)
  • NetApp HCI
  • VMware


No, HCC requires access to the following functionality and interaction with controller (vCenter) and compute (ESXi) assets.
  • The mNode services interact with vCenter and directly with ESXi
  • Information is gathered from vCenter and ESXi on a polling basis. 
    • vCenter info includes data about host clusters
    • ESXi info includes driver versions
  • Direct contact with the compute nodes is necessary for health check and firmware updates.
    • Retrieve BMC data
    • Mount firmware image
    • Reboots
  • Direct contact with vCenter is necessary for firmware updates.
    • Enter and exit maintenance mode

Additional Information

  • HCC continuously polls the vCenter and ESXi hosts. If lockdown mode is enabled VMware refuses the login attempt but HCC will retry causing VMware to lockout all login attempts to the host.
  • To resolve this lockout, power off the mnode and wait 15 minutes for the lockout to end. If the mNode is powered on with lockdown mode enabled it will cause another lockout.
  • For more information on VMware lockout refer to the following VMware KB.
  • For information on Compute Nodes not showing in HCC when using ESXi lockdown mode, please reference this KB.
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