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What is the procedure for a graceful shutdown & power up of an AVA during a scheduled power outage?

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Applies to

  • AltaVault


Perform the following steps to power off the AltaVault in preparation for a scheduled power outage:

  1. Shut down the AltaVault using the CLI/WebUI
       > enable
       # reload halt

         AltaVault: Settings > Reboot/Shutdown
  2. Remove the power to the AltaVault head unit by disconnecting the power cables.  The appliance will automatically boot when power is reapplied, and this step will prevent the device from booting if the power cycles during the maintenance period.
  3. Remove power to each expansion shelf power supply using the rocker switch located above each power cable.

Perform the following steps to power on the AltaVault after a scheduled power outage:

  1. Reapply power to all expansion shelves and wait for 10 seconds.
  2. Reapply power to the AltaVault head unit. The system will start up automatically, and can take up to 30 minutes to boot.
  3. Log in to the AltaVault and verify the system is healthy.

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