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How is data being stored and deleted in the cloud bucket of an AltaVault?

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  •  AltaVault


  • When an AltaVault appliance receives a file for backup, it will process and divide it in 3 different segment types, which will be uploaded to the cloud: 
    • .lm file which is a label map which hold the name and which metadata and which Slabs hold segments of the file
    • .rbtmd file which holds all metadata of the file, one .rbtmd file will hold only metadata of one file
    • many .slab files which hold data segments of the file, one .slab could hold segments of one or more files
  • If a file is deleted from the AltaVault appliance
    • then both .lm and .rbtmd file of this file will be marked for deletion, which will be processed after the next garbage collection process
    • however, .slab files will follow a different rule set:
      • If the slab is in the local cache then the slabs segment which holds the data of the deleted file will be zeroed which will result that the slab shrinks in size and will be queued for update in the cloud which means the cloud usage goes down
      • If the slab is not locally cached and it is fully un-referenced (the slab might just hold segments of the deleted file(s)) then it will be queued for deletion in the cloud
      • If the slab is not local  but it also holds segments of another file which is not deleted yet, then the segments will be only referenced which means the Cloud usage for that slab stays until it's fully un-referenced from all data segments which he is holding

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