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Logical Interfaces (LIF) are administratively up but operationally down (up/down) after ONTAP node Reboot

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • FCoE
  • Cisco Nexus 5000 series (5k) switches running NX-OS greater than 7.3(3)
  • LACP interface groups co-existing with FCoE targets


  • After a reboot of an ONTAP node FCoE target ports are Administratively up and operationally down.
cluster1::> network interface show -data-protocol fcp
Logical    Status     Network            Current       Current Is
Vserver     Interface  Admin/Oper Address/Mask       Node          Port    Home
----------- ---------- ---------- ------------------ ------------- ------- ----
                            up/down    20:01:00:a0:98:01:23:45
                                                    cluster1-01   0e      true
                            up/down    20:02:00:a0:98:01:23:45
                                                    cluster1-02   0e      true
  • These Logical Interfaces (LIFs) show that the FDISC command to the switch has failed.
cluster1::> network interface show -data-protocol fcp -fields status-admin,status-oper,status-extended
vserver      lif           status-oper status-extended      status-admin
------------ ------------- ----------- -------------------- ------------
fcp-svm      fcp-lif-01-0e down          FDISC error - ID could not be acquired for this virtual port.
fcp-svm      fcp-lif-02-0e down          FDISC error - ID could not be acquired for this virtual port.
  • In ONTAP you will see:
    • In the output of 'event log show' in diagnostic privelege shortly after the bootup.

Thu Jan 01 10:01:10 CDT [netaapp-n01: fct_tpd_work_thread_0: scsitarget.ispfct.configChanged:notice]: FCP target 0e reported a port configuration change. FDISC RJT - FDISC failed because a LS_RJT was received for virtual port 1.

  • In the Cisco switch review of `show platform software fcoe_mgr event-history errors`

3700) Event:E_DEBUG, length:112, at 722146 usecs after Thu Jan 01 10:01:10 2020 [102] fcoe_mgr_handle_fka(4440): sending cvl to unknown vnport for 1002, 00:a0:98:bc:c7:XX mac:00:a0:98:bc:c7:XX

3701) Event:E_DEBUG, length:86, at 722010 usecs after Thu Jan 01 10:01:10 2020 [102] fcoe_mgr_handle_fka(4432): FKAs received from unknown VN port on interface vfc9


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