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How long does it approximately take for disk zeroing?

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Disk Drives


Disk zeroing time varies according to the disk manufacturers; however, the following table is a guideline for the estimated disk zeroing time:

Estimated Disk Zeroing Time
 Capacity  Type RPM   Estimated Zeroing Time (hrs)
 100GB  SSD  -  0.1
 200GB  SSD  -  0.1
400GB SSD - 0.2
800GB SSD - 0.4
960GB SSD - 0.5
1.6TB SSD - 0.8
3.8TB SSD - 1.9
7.6TB SSD - 3.8
15.3TB SSD - 7.6
30.6TB SSD - 15.2
300GB FC 15k rpm 1.5
450GB 2.2
600GB 2.5
300GB SAS 15k rpm 1.5
450GB 2.2
600GB 2.5
450GB 10k rpm 2.3
600GB 2.6
900GB 2.9
1.2TB 3.2
1.8TB 3.8
500GB SATA/ NL-SAS 7.2k rpm 2.5
1TB 4.3
2TB 5.6
3TB 7.0
4TB 12
6TB 18
8TB 24
10TB 30

Note: These times are guidelines and will vary based on the load of the storage system.
The fast-zeroing was introduced in ONTAP 9.4.

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