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"SHELF_FAULT" error is reported on systems

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Data ONTAP 8.x


  • System reports the following errors and recovers automatically.

Fri Apr 24 13:40:15 JST [node: dsa_worker1: ses.status.ACPError:alert]: DS4246 (S/N xxxxxxxxxx) shelf 0 on channel 0a ACP Processor error for SAS shelf ACP processor 2: critical status    ; Alternate Control Path hardware failed This module is on the rear of the shelf at the bottom center, on shelf module B.
Fri Apr 24 13:40:24 JST [node: statd: monitor.shelf.fault:alert]: Critical fault reported on disk storage shelf attached to channel 0a. Check fans, power supplies, disks, and temperature sensors.
Fri Apr 24 13:40:24 JST [node: statd: callhome.shlf.fault:error]: Call home for SHELF_FAULT

Fri Apr 24 14:35:24 JST [node: dsa_worker5: ses.status.ACPInfo:info]: DS4246 (S/N xxxxxxxxxx) shelf 0 on channel 0b ACP Processor information for SAS shelf ACP processor 2: normal status.
Fri Apr 24 14:35:33 JST [node: statd: monitor.shelf.fault.ok:notice]: Fault previously reported on disk storage shelf attached to channel 0a has been corrected.
Fri Apr 24 14:36:00 JST [node: monitor: monitor.globalStatus.ok:notice]: The system's global status is normal.


  • Alternate Control Path (ACP) is in FAIL status on STORAGE-FAULT output when the error occurs.

Enclosure Status: critical
Channel: 0a
Shelf: 0
Shelf Type: DS4246
Product Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxx
Module Type: IOM6E

Vendor Unique Element 85-IOM6E: (ACP)
Element Status                      Status Bytes  Status Descriptions
  1 [IOM6E A]    : OK                01,10,00,00   INBACP
  2 [IOM6E B]    : CRITICAL          02,10,00,40   INBACP, FAIL


  • The following records can be found from SP-LATEST-SYSTEM-EVENT-LOG.

Record 1771: Fri Apr 24 05:33:18 2020 [SP.critical]: Rebooting SP due to loss of ACP comms
Record 1772: Thu Jan  1 00:00:37 1970 [IPMI.notice]: 6104 | c0 | OEM: ffff70005100 | ManufId: 150300 | SP Reset Internally



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