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"No local disks found error" occurs when attempting to wipe the configuration of a clustered system

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • New Setup
  • Storage


  • The node that has been initialized first can boot up normally.
  • The following error occurs when attempting to wipe the configuration on partner node.

 *                             *
 * Press Ctrl-C for Boot Menu. *
 *                             *
 Attempting to use existing varfs on /dev/nvrd1
 No SVM keys found.
 Boot Menu will be available.
 Firewall rules loaded.
 Battery charge capacity: 3584 mA*hr. Power outage protection flash de-staging cycles: 51
 Please choose one of the following:
 (1) Normal Boot.
 (2) Boot without /etc/rc.
 (3) Change password.
 (4) Clean configuration and initialize all disks.
 (5) Maintenance mode boot.
 (6) Update flash from backup config.
 (7) Install new software first.
 (8) Reboot node.
 Selection (1-8)? 4

Zero disks, reset config and install a new file system?: yes
This will erase all the data on the disks, are you sure?: yes
Rebooting to finish wipeconfig request

 Assigned 0 out of 3 disks requestedfm_run0: no local disks found & OFW channel is not up.
 []: Could not find the local mailbox disks. Could not determine the firmware state of the partner through the HA interconnect.

 WARNING: there do not appear to be any disks attached to the system.
 System halting...
 BIOS version: 9.5
 Portions Copyright (c) 2011-2014 NetApp. All Rights Reserved
 Phoenix SecureCore Tiano(TM)
 Copyright 1985-2020 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
 All Rights Reserved

  • Check if all the disks are assigned to the initialized node by executing disk show -v command in maintenance mode.


*> disk show -v    
 Local System ID: 123456789
   DISK       OWNER                    POOL   SERIAL NUMBER         HOME                     DR HOME                CHKSUM
 ------------ -------------            -----  -------------         -------------            -------------          --------

 0d.13.5                (987654321)    Pool0  Z1ZBB111           (987654321)                          Block
 0d.12.2                (987654321)    Pool0  Z1ZBB222           (987654321)                          Block
 0d.12.1                (987654321)    Pool0  Z1ZBB333           (987654321)                          Block
 0d.12.4                (987654321)    Pool0  Z1ZBB444           (987654321)                          Block
 0d.13.22               (987654321)    Pool0  Z1ZBB555           (987654321)                          Block


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