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E-Series E28xx or newer platform locks down with status of "Memory Parity Error" and 7-segment code sequence "OE L2 CF dx"

Last Updated:

Applies to

  • NetApp E2800
  • NetApp E5700
  • NetApp EF600
  • NetApp EF300


  • AutoSupport case opened with ESDIAG:E-Series Notification from Storage02 (Persistent controller memory parity error) CRITICAL
  • Controller locks down with 7 segment LED display code OE L2 CF dx (x: location of the cache DIMM). This code translates to persistent processor/cache DIMM ECC errors.
  • SANtricity System Manager or support bundle reports controller in Memory parity error: Status: Memory parity error
  • Major event log and exception log if available (excLogShow) indicate the controller encountered correctable memory ECC errors before it failed.

Date/Time: **/**/**, 2:54:53 PM
Sequence number: ****
Event type: 2703
Event category: Internal
Priority: Informational
Event needs attention: false
Event send alert: false
Event visibility: true
Description: Recoverable error in processor memory detected/corrected
Event specific codes: 0/0/0
Component type: Controller
Component location: Shelf **, Bay *
Logged by: Controller in bay *



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