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What are the options to change a traditional volume group to a Dynamic Disk Pool on E-Series storage systems?

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E-Series Storage Array


There is currently no quick and easy process or option to convert a traditional volume group to a Dynamic Disk Pool (DDP) setup. However, there are some work-around procedures that could be used for this type of conversion, as shown below.

Backup and Restore:

  1. Back up the system you would like to convert.
  2. Create a disk pool and volumes.
  3. Restore data from the backup.

Using Volume Copy:

  1. Create a disk pool using spare drives (a minimum of 11 drives per disk pool).
  2. Use the volume copy feature.

Using the Remote Mirroring feature:

  1. Create a Remote Mirror relationship on a separate system between the traditional volume and the Disk Pool volume.
  2. Synch the volumes.
  3. Once the volumes are completely synchronized, break the mirror and use the newly created mirrored volume as the main volume.

For further information, contact Technical Support via a support case.

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