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Virtual Storage Console / VASA Provider: How to resolve display issues with the vSphere Web Client by removing user interface extensions

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Virtual Storage Console (VSC) and VASA Provider (VP) menu options and icons are tied to framework of extensions and files that the flash based vSphere WebClient and HTML5 based vSphere Clients have to load.  If the VSC / VP UI (user interface) extensions are missing or stale (wrong version) then you may encounter display issues when trying to navigate to VSC or VASA Provider in the vSphere interface.  When troubleshooting display issues with VSC and VP it is useful to be aware of the following:

  • When Virtual Storage Console (VSC) and VASA Provider are registered to vCenter, UI (user interface) extensions are pulled to vSphere. 
  • Without these UI extensions, neither the vSphere WebClient nor the HTML5 Client will have the framework that VSC and VASA Provider use to display data.
  • When new versions of VSC or VASA Provider are released they may be bundled with new UI extensions.  During the upgrade process, VSC does not have the ability to delete the old UI extensions off of the vCenter server.  This is a "pull" operation rather than a "push" operation.
  • UI extension files must be removed manually!  If "stale" UI extensions are not removed then a conflict may arise which can cause display issues.
  • During a upgrade of VSC or VASA Provider, it may a requirement that the old UI extensions be removed. Refer to your version specific deployment guide for details.



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