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What are the VSC for VMware preferences available in the vscPreferences.xml file?

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Applies to

  • FlexPod
  • VSC release 4.x/5.x/6.x


The Virtual Storage Console (VSC) customizable preferences that are available in the vscPreferences.xml file are listed below. This file is located in <VSC_install_path> > NetApp > Virtual Storage Console > etc > vsc for VSC release 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and located at /opt/netapp/vscserver/etc/vsc  for the VSC 7.0 appliance. The default values for the preferences are also listed in this article. 

Changing any of these values might impact the behavior of VSC for VMware and/or the performance of the vCenter Server. When changing any of the default behaviors, do so only after receiving instructions from the Global Support Center.
  • default.server.discovery.threads: 8
    • This option sets the number of simultaneous threads that run during Discovery
    • Possible values are 4 to 32
    • If an invalid value is entered, it will be ignored and the default value of 8 will be used
  • default.client.refresh.timer: 15
    • This option determines how quickly the VSC for VMware client will update when another client updates its data
    • Possible values are 5 to 60
    • If an invalid value is entered, it will be ignored and the default value of 15 will be used
  • default.server.discovery.autostart: true
    • This option determines if the discovery process should start immediately at startup
    • If this is set to false, no data will be displayed in the GUI until the user performs a manual discovery by clicking Update on the Overview panel
    • Default value is true
  • default.server.discovery.scheduled: true
  • default.server.discovery.hour: 06
  • default.server.discovery.minute: 00
    • These options control whether the Discovery should run as a background process on a schedule.
    • Default value is true
    • default.server.discovery.hour sets the hour of the day during which the scheduled background discovery should run
    • default.server.discovery.minute sets the minute of the day when the scheduled background discovery should run
  • default.server.tasks.staletimeout: 60
    • This option controls the minimum time to wait before running or before the queued tasks are considered stale and should be terminated
    • Default value is 60 minutes
  • false
    • This option changes the default behavior of how unassociated controllers are displayed in the client
    • Normally, unassociated controllers are only displayed when the user has selected a Datacenter or higher entity in the vCenter Inventory Panel
    • Controllers that have Failed Authentication and/or SSL not configured status are classified as unassociated.
    • Default value is false

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