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ONTAP fails to initialize with BOOTMGR error

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While attempting to initialize a new ONTAP HA pair or repurpose an existing HA pair, an error similar to the following is produced:

AutoPartAFFDetermination: total_disks: 12 num_internal_disks: 0 num_ssds: 12 num_unknowns: 0 num_mediator_disks: 0 num_not_supported: 0 all_ssd? true
AutoPartDiskScan: CandidateDisks: 12 UsableDisks: 12 LocalDisks: 0 UnusableSSDs: 0 PartitionMethod: Root+Data1+Data2
AutoPartDistributionCheck: LocalExpected: 6 PartnerExpected: 6 CandidateDisks: 12 LocalAssigned: 0 NotYetAssigned: 12
AutoPartRootConfig: root d+p+s=3+2+1, root aggr size=112958795 (blks) per 3 disks, root partition size=37660227 (blks)
AutoPartRequestedDiskAssignment: DiskMaxCount: 12 CksumType: block Pool: 0 RPM: 50000 DiskType: SSD
AutoPartInfo: Disks may be from internal or external shelf

AdpInit: Root will be created with 6 disks with configuration as (3d+2p+1s) using disks of type (SSD).
bootarg.bootmenu.selection is |4|
AdpInit: System will now perform initialization using option 4

BOOTMGR: The system has 0 disks assigned whereas it needs 6 to boot, will try to assign the required number.
sanown_assign_X_disks: init boot assign with half shelf policy
Jun 01 11:27:07 [localhost:diskown.hlfShlf.assignStatus:notice]: Half shelf based automatic disk assignment is "enabled".
sanown_split_shelf_resv_lock_disk: msg success op: RESERVE lock disk:  status: 0
BOOTMGR: If the disk shelves are partially populated,
Follow best practice guidelines to populate disks in the right slots

sanown_split_shelf_resv_lock_disk: msg success op: RELEASE lock disk:  status: 0
BOOTMGR: already_assigned=0, min_to_boot=6, num_assigned=0
BOOTMGR: Assigned 0 out of 6 disks requested
fm_run0: no local disks found & OFW channel is not up.


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