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How to collect a Perfstat from clustered Data ONTAP systems using the Perfstat GUI

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Applies to

ONTAP 8.3 or later


  • Perfstat is a performance and statistics data collection tool that helps in troubleshooting issues relating to storage system performance.
  • This document provides information about the Perfstat 8.4 GUI tool and the procedure that should be followed to collect performance data using the tool.
  • Please follow these best practices before starting:
  1. Perfstat 8 is for clustered Data ONTAP only.


  • Do not use it with 7-Mode systems.
  • For 7-Mode systems, see KB for Windows and KB for Linux.
  1. Run Perfstat from a physical host or a VM not associated with the cluster being collected against.
  2. Do not attempt to use over a VPN connection, Perfstat is latency-sensitive and will timeout.
  3. Collection host should be on the same network as the cluster, avoid a lot of network hops or latency between host and cluster.
  4. The Perfstat application and related output files should only be stored on the local disk of the collection host.


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