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How many vol move operations can be active at the same time

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Applies to

  • Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3
  • ONTAP 9


Concurrent Volume Move Jobs

Volume move jobs can run concurrently on the same node or different nodes in a cluster. In general, all jobs serviced by the same controller share the available background resources, which are also shared with other traffic such as SnapMirror. Vol move replication is automatically and transparently throttled during the initial transfer so as not to increase client latency. Therefore, kicking off many volume move jobs in parallel on a single node might not result in the vol moves completing any faster than if multiple batches of volume move jobs were started sequentially.

In Data ONTAP 8.3 and ONTAP 9.x, an automatic and transparent governor process queues and regulates vol move jobs so that an administrator can initiate as many individual jobs as required. Counters are kept of the number of references to the aggregates owned by each node in all the simultaneous current vol move jobs, whether as a source or target aggregate. If 8 or fewer aggregate references for a node are involved in the initiated vol move jobs, all jobs will execute uninterrupted. If additional references are made to aggregates on that node in subsequent vol move jobs, these will wait in the setup phase after creating the target volume until one of the executing jobs completes.

Additional Information

For Additional information review the Volume express guide :  Volume move express management > Volume move workflow > Planning the method and timing of a volume move


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