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CIFS client access fails on ONTAP 9.2+ after CIFS password reset

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.2 +


  • CIFS clients fail to authenticate to the CIFS server
  • EMS errors (secd.cifsAuth.problem) report "KRB5KRB_AP_ERR_BAD_INTEGRITY"

12/31/2018 14:12:31 cluster-01      ERROR         secd.cifsAuth.problem: vserver (vserver) General CIFS authentication problem. Error: User authentication procedure failed
CIFS SMB2 Share mapping - Client Ip =
  [  2 ms] Error accepting security context for Vserver identifier (8). Decrypt integrity check failed (KRB5KRB_AP_ERR_BAD_INTEGRITY).
**[     4] FAILURE: CIFS authentication failed

  • Manual or Scheduled CIFS password reset
    • Run the following command to check the last time the password was reset for the Vserver

cluster::> cifs domain password schedule show -vserver <vserver>

          Schedule Enabled: true <<<< Whether or not scheduled password reset is enabled
         Schedule Interval: 4   week(s)
Schedule Randomized Within: 120 minute(s)
                  Schedule: Sun@01:00
           Last Changed At: Mon Dec 31 15:23:41 2018 <<<< Last time password was changed either manually or via scheduled reset


  • A change in ONTAP 9.2+ causes Sessions Setup Requests to receive a different response when the Kerberos ticket is no longer valid due to a password reset. 
  • Prior to 9.2, clients would receive KRB_APP_ERR_MODIFIED which would cause them to refresh their Kerberos ticket for the CIFS server.
  • After 9.2, clients will receive either Unknown (0xC0000466) or STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL as a response.
  • This response does not cause the client to refresh its Kerberos ticket.
  • This will cause the client to repeatedly fail authentication until the Kerberos ticket is purged either via "klist purge", a client reboot, or waiting for the Kerberos ticket timeout (default 10 hours).

Currently, this behavior is being investigated via ONTAP bug 1206384.



  1. Reboot OR run a 'klist purge' from the client machine to remove the stale Kerberos ticket
  2. Wait for clients to refresh their Kerberos tickets. By default, this should be within a 10-hour timeframe
  3. Access the CIFS server via IP to avoid use of Kerberos and force NTLM authentication

Note: Disable scheduled password resets.

Note: Avoid using the 'cifs password-reset -vserver' command.

Subscribe to bug 1206384 for more information as it becomes available.

Additional Information

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