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Is it possible to perform a NDMP backup of a SVM Disaster Recovery destination when the SVM is in a "stopped" state?

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9.1 and later
  • SVM Disaster Recovery destination in "stopped" state
  • NDMP backup of SVM Disaster Recovery destination


  • When a SVM (or vserver) is in a stopped state, the SVM NAS protocols (CIFS or NFS) are inactive
  • When in a stopped state, the SVM is not serving data via Data LIFs
  • The state of the NAS protocols does not impact the ability to perform NDMP backup / restore
  • NDMP is not a NAS protocol
  • If the volume(s) being backed up are available, then NDMP can back them up
  • If the volume(s) are not accessible, NDMP cannot back them up


  • What determines if a volume is accessible depends on who, or what, is accessing it, combined with the access method:
    • From the perspective of a user or application, a Data LIF is needed to access the data
    • When a SVM is stopped, users and applications do not have access to the data, because data is not being served
    • From the perspective of ndmpd operating at the cluster level, all volumes in the cluster are accessible
    • Ndmpd, and NDMP protocol, are independent of the NAS protocols. 
    • Unlike a CIFS or NFS client, NDMP does not require a Data LIF to access volumes
    • NDMP can use InterCluster and management LIFs, in addition to Data LIFs, to access volumes
    • From the perspective of a backup application, which volumes are accessible depends on:
      • How the application connects to the cluster
      • How the application authenticates


  • The NDMP server and backup application will have access to all volumes in the cluster, including volumes owned by SVMs in a stopped state, if:
    • NDMP is configured at the cluster level
    • The backup application is connecting to the cluster mgmt LIF
    • The backup application is authenticating to the admin vserver


  • The backup application will not have access to volumes owned by a SVM in a stopped state if:
    • NDMP is configured at the data SVM level, rather than cluster level
    • The backup application is connecting to a LIF owned by the data SVM
    • The backup application is authenticating to NDMP at the data SVM level


  • Considerations for NDMP indirect (remote) or 3-way topology

Note:  In a local topology, the NDMP data stream is sent to local tape. The above considerations do not apply to a local topology.


  • In summary

    • If the volume is available/accessible to ndmpd and the backup application, it can be backed up  
    • If the volume is not available or accessible, it cannot be backed up

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