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Is it possible to perform a NDMP backup of a SVM Disaster Recovery destination when the SVM is in a "stopped" state?

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ONTAP 9.1 and later

SVM Disaster Recovery destination in "stopped" state

NDMP backup of SVM Disaster Recovery destination


  • When a SVM (or vserver) is in a stopped state, the SVM NAS protocols (CIFS or NFS) are inactive, and the SVM is not serving data via its Data LIFs.
  • NDMP is not a NAS protocol, so the state of the NAS protocols does not impact the ability to perform NDMP backup / restore.
  • If the volume(s) being backed up are available, then NDMP can back them up.  If the volume(s) are not accessible, NDMP cannot back them up.  This applies to all NDMP backup scenarios, not just NDMP backup of SVM DR.


  • What determines if a volume is accessible depends on who, or what, is accessing it, combined with the access method:
    • From the perspective of a user or application, a Data LIF is needed to access the data.  When a SVM is stopped, users and applications do not have access to the data, because data is not being served.  
    • From the perspective of ndmpd operating at the cluster level, all volumes in the cluster are accessible.  Ndmpd, and NDMP protocol, are independent of the NAS protocols.  NDMP does not require Data LIFs to access volumes.  
    • From the perspective of a backup application, which volumes are accessible will depend on how the application connects to the cluster, and how the application authenticates.


  • The NDMP server and backup application will have access to all volumes in the cluster, including volumes owned by SVMs in a stopped state, if:
    • NDMP is configured at the cluster level
    • The backup application is connecting to the cluster mgmt LIF
    • The backup application is authenticating to the admin vserver


  • The backup application will not have access to volumes owned by a SVM in a stopped state if:
    • NDMP is configured at the data SVM level, rather than cluster level
    • The backup application is connecting to a LIF owned by the data SVM
    • The backup application is authenticating to NDMP at the data SVM level
  • In summary

    • If the volume is available/accessible to ndmpd and the backup application, it can be backed up.  
    • If the volume is not available or accessible, it cannot be backed up. 

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