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How to troubleshoot a cluster peer creation failure when using System Manager

Applies to

OnCommand System Manager


In order for cluster peers to function properly, a full mesh is required. This means that all nodes of clusterA need to be able to communicate with all nodes of clusterB. This is accomplished by creating intercluster LIFs on each Node Vserver in all clusters. The following is an example of an intercluster LIF (ic01) on the node Vserver.


The following are the two methods to create cluster peers:

  • Manually create the intercluster LIFs on each node of all clusters using the CLI (creating intercluster LIFs is not an option in System Manager), then run the cluster peer create command to create the peer.
  • Using System Manager with the Cluster Peer Wizard. 
    This article describes the procedure of creating intercluster LIFs on both clusters, as well as attempts to create the cluster peer. This process is currently broken in System Manager. This article outlines this process using System Manager and shows it breaks and why, as well as how to overcome the error and get the cluster peer established. This procedure has been tested with System Manager 2.1, 2.2RC1 and 3.0X8, using both SIMs and real hardware, and it reports the same error in all versions.



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