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What is the impact of Azure maintenance freeze events Non Continuously Available (CA) CIFS shares on CVO

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Applies to

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Maintenance Events - Freeze
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.0 and later (Single Node in Azure)
  • Cloud Volumes ONTAP 9.5 and later ( HA pair in Azure)
  • Takeover / Giveback
  • Non Continuously Available (CA) CIFS/SMB shares


Impact of freeze events Non Continuously Available (CA) CIFS shares:

  • On single node during freeze events the CIFS shares are unavailable.
  • On HA pair, connection from clients to non-CA CIFS shares is disconnected on takeover and clients have to reconnect while the node is in takeover.
  • On giveback locks on CIFS shares are still in place and vetoes the giveback procedure which can be manually over-riden.
  • Cloud Manager provides an optional setting to override the veto automatically.
BURT/JIRA Details Fix / Workaround
BUG 1345629 At the end of Maintenance event , giveback was vetoed on lock manager despite option set from Cloud Manager settings to over-ride lock-manger vetoes during giveback. Fix in Cloud Manager 3.8.7 build 12 
CDS-1492  Cloud Manager set the incorrect bootarg (specific to Non-disruptive Upgrade which is unset after read) and not the one for normal for giveback after maintenance events

Upgrade to Cloud Manager 3.8.7 build 12 or later

and then

Manually uncheck and then check the option on Cloud Manager to permanently set to


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