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Performance poll failure due to internal error for ONTAP data collector in Cloud Insights

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Applies to

  • Cloud Insights (CI)
  • NetApp ONTAP Data Management Software data collector (with advanced metrics enabled)


Performance data cannot be acquired since performance polls fail with the following message within the data collector's landing page in CI:

Unable to poll performance ... error = Performance Recent Status
Internal error:
com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.framework.datasource.DataSourceErrorException: General Error

Upon reviewing the storageperformance sample logs for the ONTAP cluster's data collector in question (located within the Error Report in acq folder  storageperformance_datacollectorname > one of the timestamp folders  > log_sample.log),  the below error message may be observed:


2021-03-12 17:19:33,895 ERROR [com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.datasource.netapp_ontap.NetAppOntapPerformancePackage] datalake collect and report (Poll Count: 1207, Is Macro Poll: false) : [storageperformance] data-collector-name: 1 apis failed: [storageperformance] data-collector-name: perf-object-get-instances(Object : workload) failed: Trying to perform arithmetic between two counters with different cardinality. Counter "read_io_type" has 1 elements, but the other counter "read_io_type" has 10 elements. (1 times)

2021-03-12 17:21:54,206 ERROR [com.onaro.sanscreen.acquisition.datasource.netapp_ontap.builder.ZapiIterBase] Aborting all performance api calls due to: perf-object-instance-list-info-iter(Object : lif) failed: System busy: 7 requests on table "perf_object_instance_list_info" have been pending for 2922550 seconds. The last completed call took 0 seconds.

Furthermore, when attempting to run a statistics lif show  command in the CLI (accessing through the node management LIF for any one of the nodes in the cluster) against the cluster SVM as shown below, a similar error may also be observed. 

Note: The error message should be identical to the highlighted portion obtained from the performance sample log in CI, although the particular performance-object  ZAPI call may be different between the two error messages:

cluster1::> statistics lif show -vserver cluster1
Error: command failed: System busy: 7 requests on table "perf_object_get_instances" have been pending for 1147109 seconds. The last completed call took 0 seconds.



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