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FAQ: FPolicy: Auditing

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Applies to

  • ONTAP 9
  • Fpolicy


  • FPolicy Auditing is a software-based solution for data-usage management
  • With it, organizations can see, understand, and manage who is using data to control data access and enforce compliance with data-usage policies
  •  Auditing assists in addressing the growing need for regulating data usage within organizations, enabling full visibility and accountability of data usage for legal, financial, data-security, intellectual-property, and data-privacy purposes
  • Although this can be done natively on the controller, an external FPolicy engine provides enhanced performance by allowing ONTAP to offload the Auditing tasks
  • Auditing is guaranteed, meaning the FPolicy server must acknowledge it has received the auditing notification
  • The following table shows what events are supported for what protocol:
create close close
create_dir create create
delete create_dir create_dir
delete_dir delete delete
link delete_dir delete_dir
lookup getattr getattr
read link open
write lookup read
rename open write
rename_dir read rename
setattr    write rename_dir
symlink rename setattr


  • Until ONTAP 9.2, first_read and first_write filters are only recommended for CIFS workload since Auditing NFS reads/writes prior to ONTAP 9.2 could result in performance issues
  • Since Ontap 9.2 Onward,  first_read and first_write filters can be used with both CIFS & NFS; see RFE:858682 for more details.


  • Disable the policy to verify if something outside of FPolicy is causing the issue
  • If the policy is new or recently modified, verify the configuration of the policy using TR-4429.
Useful commands/logs:
  • fpolicy policy show

  • fpolicy policy scope show

  • fpolicy policy event show

  • fpolicy policy external-engine show

  • fpolicy show-engine

  • /etc/log/ems

  • /etc/log/mlog/fpolicy.log*

  • /etc/log/mlog/mgwd.log*

  • Packet trace collected during the issue on port used to communicate to the FPolicy server.

  • AutoSupport Sections

    • Full autosupports (weekly and Manual)

      • fpolicy policy show = FPOLICY-POLICY-STATUS.XML

      • fpolicy policy scope show = FPOLICY-SCOPE.XML

      • fpolicy policy event show = FPOLICY-EVENT.XML

      • fpolicy policy external-engine show = FPOLICY-EXT-ENGINE.XML

      • fpolicy show-engine = FPOLICY-SERVER-STATUS.XML

    • Daily Management and Manual autosupports

      • /etc/log/mlog/fpolicy.log* = FPOLICY-MLOG-TXT.GZ

Additional Information

  • TR-4429: FPolicy Solution Guide for Clustered Data ONTAP: Varonis DatAdvantage
  • TR-4473: FPolicy Solution Guide for Clustered Data ONTAP: Veritas Data Insight
  • TR-4696: FPolicy Solution Guide for Clustered Data ONTAP: STEALTHbits File Activity Monitor
  • Netwrix *Note: External site. Not NetApp documentation
  • 1225695: Fpolicy has no support for NFSv4.1


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